We all have those days.


You know the ones. The ones where nothing goes right and it’s easy to get discouraged. When we occasionally get a case of the So What?’s, we just remind ourselves about the stories of the Anchal women and it keeps us motivated. We like reminding ourselves why the job is so important. So here’s one of their stories – maybe this can serve as your Friday motivation, too.

A girl is born in Kolkata, India. Her family is poor, so they decide to sell her into the sex trade for some extra money, despite her ranking at the top of her class. She’s had dreams of becoming a doctor since she started school, but at age fourteen, she now must answer to a pimp. Her days are spent serving clients who might become violent and will most likely pass on a sexually transmitted disease. With the decisions about contraceptives in the hands of her clients, she will soon become pregnant and the cycle of exploitation will start all over again.


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