A Day in the Life…


Ever wonder what your life could have been?

For our Anchal Artisans, many of their dreams were interrupted by harsh economic realities and the approbation of India’s thriving sex trade. Below is a common story among many of our artisans, and unfortunately many young girls in India today.

A girl is born in Nepal. A scout visits her village advertising housekeeping opportunities in Delhi. Her family is poor, so they decide their daughter would have better opportunity hundreds of miles away. So, despite the heartbreaking distance, the girl says goodbye to her family and looks forward to the chances she will have as a housekeeper in the city. This girl, along with other girls from her village, never makes it to Delhi. The scout escorts her straight to Kolkata instead, where she quickly learns of her future as a sex worker. After a violent initiation to this new life, the girl is taught complacency through tactics that intimidate and scare. Crammed within the narrow alleyways of Kalighat’s red light district, she is forced to reconcile with the grim and dangerous demands of clients, pimps and madams.


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