New Season, New Beginning


It’s the start of summer, which means it’s the beginning of a more relaxed schedule, a little more spare time and a care-free attitude. Here at Anchal, this summer we’re actually gearing up for some big (and exciting!) changes. We’ve come a long way – this year we became a recognized non-profit, expanded to a second location in Ajmer, India, employing another 15 women, gained another team member, Lauren Miller, enlisted the help of a Board of Advisors and hired our first intern. But the real changes are around the corner.

Thanks to our webmaster, Marc Haumann, we will very soon have an easier way for you to support our cause. Our shopping cart feature will make it easier to buy one of our beautiful, hand-crafted products, and in doing so, support one of the wonderful Anchal artists in India. We just received the newest shipment of quilts and pillows from our partners at Vatsalya in Ajmer, which means there will be a whole new collection unique, handmade crafts for you to choose from. AND we’re getting ready to launch our huge grassroots and social media campaign online (keep reading this blog, follow us @AnchalProject on Twitter and like us on Facebook to join our conversation) so that we can keep sharing our story and hear yours. Stay cool and stay tuned for more stories, adventures and changes to come!



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