Terah (thirteen)


day thirteen. well, more like day 15 but colleen and i decided to jump to our final day back at udayan with manju, the project manager, and dungar das, the tailor. it was a momentous morning as we sorted through the piles of recycled saris we acquired throughout our trip and lumped them into 2 piles – ‘inside’ saris and ‘outside’ saris (saris interesting enough to be the top layers). we then made groups of 3 ‘outside’ saris for our next batch of raliya quilts (some are shown below). dungar das was then going to stitch these top layers together for manju to take with her to ajmer on january 20th, the day when the women met to collect their quilting materials. since each quilt takes at least 15 arduous days to complete we expect this shipment by early march.

but in the meantime we have gorgeous, narrative, handmade pillowcases and wall hangings to brighten up your dreary winter days!  (you can see dungar das sewing the quilted panels into pillowcases made from khadi cotton – the homespun cotton mahatma gandhi promoted as a means for indian independence). so check back to our website often http://www.anchalproject.org – fun things are on the way!


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