Bara (twelve)


we had the amazing opportunity to visit barefoot college’s old campus this morning. this is where the handicrafts and solar energy workshops are held. we were able to watch threads being dyed, journals being stitched, and materials being laid out in preparation for appliqued quilts. it was a treat to view these complete processes underway and at such an impressive scale. barefoot weaves, dyes, sews, and prints all the materials on the campus.

in addition to all the craft production, barefoot trains women in solar technology. we glanced into a workshop where 40 women from various african countries were learning how to engineer and implement solar panels in their villages. the women chosen for 6 month workshop arrive with very few skills and are often illiterate. but upon their return to their communities in africa, they’ll serve as leaders and experts in solar technology. the solar cooker is also one of the many programs at barefoot where indian women cut and weld large solar panels that reflect into an oven type container which cooks food. amazing!


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