Chai (six)


today our 5-day workshop began!  our main objective for this workshop is to inspire a new line of quilts that more specifically reflect the culture and surroundings of the artisans, who are sex workers living in ajmer. the day before, we took photos of fruit stands, bags of  chilis, brightly painted walls and rickshaws. we printed these and gave them to the workshop participants to translate into fabric collages.  throughout the week we’ll continue to develop these into 18″ x 24″ textile artwork and will use some for future quilt templates.


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  1. OK I’m catching up. The workshop on the roof looks really cool. Can’t say I’d be very good at sittng cross legged for very long! Keep the pictures coming. The first thing I do in the morning is check the blog. How are the living conditions where you are?
    Colleen send me one of those bags of chilis. that should last us for a few weeks at least. 🙂
    Thinking and praying for you guys every day. You’re doing great work!
    Much love, Tom

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