day 12-kantha research


we visited shantiniketan today – headquarters of bengali kantha, among many other things. it was a four-hour journey by car (1-way), made quite pleasant by stops at roadside stalls where we drank chai out of tiny ceramic cups and ate treats shaped like sausages!
once in shantiniketan we prowled around the university campus (began by rabindranath tagore) and finally made our way to shops and stalls selling kantha. the stitching was beautifully done, though we both feel it suits the western market best in small doses. the intricate patterning and needlework becomes very intense very quickly. we didn’t come across any kantha quilts, though. we figured since the kantha quilt is made by and for the poor it’s not made for semi-wealthy tourists. we see this as a missed opportunity – one will we happily seize.


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  1. amazing experiences you both are having. can not wait to see more photos and hear great stories. there are so many people interested in helping you all and the women and children of Calcutta. we gladly await our marching orders.

    praying for a strong finish to your trip and for safe travel home.

    love, ewc

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