day 9 – textile collage workshop


to build on our previous collage lesson we ran a similar workshop today using fabric from torn up saris. the women based their collages on photos we took around kolkata as well as photos they took (we bought a camera for the women to share).
we were thrilled with the collages made during this workshop – we’ll photograph them and post them here shortly (though maybe not for 3-5 days. we’re busy wrapping things up in time for our departure this thursday 1/14). we’ll also include them in an anchal exhibition we’re scheduling on the risd campus during the spring semester.

some of lili’s design for development students arrived today so we had a night out dancing and drinking ice-less gin and tonics.


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  1. It’s great to see the pictures of you two and the women you’re working with. I love following your trip. I know it’s callenging but it seems you’re having a big impact on these women. Probably more than you or they know yet. Go Anchal!

    It’s very cold here < 10 degrees. Enjoy the warmth.

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